Reyhan Gulses Demircioglu's original oil paintings feature a variety of styles, techniques, and themes. In her most notable series, “Timeless Times”, the artist fuses a blend of solid figures with the random usage of vibrant colors to mimic the perceptions and reactions of the mind. The inspiration for this series was born from Reyhan’s own personal understanding and ideas about the human experience. She has a deep interest in the mind and psychology and visually reflects on these principles through art.

She often incorporates these themes into her work. In “Timeless Times”, where a realistic figure is centered, we see a holistic composition in which the artist fuses the figure with abstract elements in a paradoxical state. The merged positioning of the figure into the abstract forms has been added to the painting as a structure that provides equilibrium, while at the same time deliberately disrupting the balance in the abstract integrity of the painting.

Although the artist adheres to pre-planned compositions, she incorporates tailored techniques to achieve specific outcomes. For example, she may use thick paint textures in accordance with the needs of the composition to highlight specific forms that make the overall work of art even more impactful. The expression and mood of the figures are highlighted through fine details using lines, stripes, splashes, and pigments (stains) throughout the painting. The abstract forms created with the use of thick paint stand express disposition by standing out in some place, while simultaneously blending in with colors.

Reyhan says, “Even though the paintings identify with life in a symbolic way, they are not narratives, and do not aim to tell a story. They just show the emotional state of the figures”. Reyhan has a unique way of creating art that is open to interpretation, but through that interpretation speaks to the mind’s way of understanding itself and the world around it. She says that like life, we perceive according to our mood at different times.

The visual richness of each oil painting exhibits a similar characteristic while at the same time revealing the originality of its own naturalness.
Lucid Dreamer
36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm)
Immersed in Thoughts
36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm)
Chaotic Harmony
36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm)
Lost in memories
36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm)
Against The Wind
48 x 60 inches (122 x 152.5 cm)
Enigmatic Man in Surreal Vision
30 x 40 inches (76 x 102 cm)
Nobody knows
36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm)
Entropic Soul
48 x 48 inches (122 x 122 cm)
Transcendental Symphony
48 x 48 inches (122 x 122 cm)